University of Manitoba

Faculty of Architecture

The University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture is the first faculty in Canada to offer four post-graduate, built-environment degree programs.

City Planning
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design

All based on a comprehensive Environmental Design undergraduate program.

The Faculty of Architecture also offers a Ph.D. Program. The Ph.D. in Design and Planning in the Faculty of Architecture focuses on research in the following areas: Planning and Design Theory; and Sustainable Planning and Design; Planning and Design Education; Planning and Design Practice; Design and Planning Technologies.

Through its focus upon design excellence, teaching and research, the Faculty demonstrates its commitment to improving the quality of the built environment and associated ecological, economic, physical and social well-being of the global community.

Undergraduate Student Association
Students Architectural Society (SAS)

Graduate Student Associations
University of Manitoba Association of Architecture Students (UMAAS)

At the Faculty of Architecture, student associations are active and offer guidance and support to the student body by providing a fair and impartial liason between the student and the faculty and between our students and students across Canada.



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