University of Calgary


A Place of Design Opportunity:
Calgary is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Canada; rapidly emerging, nationally and internationally, as an influential political and financial centre. With a young, multinational, professional, and highly educated population Calgary is well positioned to take on future urban and environmental challenges. Given our dynamic social and geographic location, together with our experience and expertise in professional practice and design research, the Faculty offers unparalleled opportunities for engaging in transformational architectural design and planning for sustainable, and resilient, urban forms and regional landscapes.

A Professional Faculty Seizing the Opportunities:
Calgary and its region serve as a living laboratory for our professional Faculty educating the next generation of design innovators. Our graduate degrees in Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, together with our Master of Environmental Design and PhD research degrees, enable us to provide professional education informed by research, and research degrees informed by practice. Our faculty members represent a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds that include award-winning teachers, practitioners, and researchers. Collectively, we provide a distinct interdisciplinary approach, well-suited to practice in a complex world.

Challenging the Status Quo:
Globally, regionally and locally, humanity is increasingly challenged in understanding how both built and natural environments can grow, and adapt sustainably. This is the issue in our world today with global urbanization and human influences increasingly affecting even the most remote geographic locations. The practice knowledge and creative skill sets that the design and planning professions can bring to addressing these challenges are both timely and significant. A simple truth – we cannot continue as is – informs all that we do in challenging the status quo in our design studios, in our research, and in our community outreach projects.

‘What Could Be and Should Be’:
We prepare students to become professional Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects, as well as critical thinkers, researchers and scholars. Collectively our faculty and students engage in ideas of ‘what could be’ by developing normative propositions of ‘what should be’. We use evidence-based inquiry to focus our creative thinking and incorporate advanced digital technologies, modelling, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. While speculating about ‘what could be’ and recommending ‘what should be’, we also draw theory and best practice from diverse fields into our design and planning processes.

Knowledge and Innovation Though the Lens of Practice:
The Faculty’s signature pedagogy is studio-based. It is there that students understand how professional practitioners engage and solve design problems with real projects across a myriad of scales: object, building, neighbourhood, city and beyond. The Faculty actively seeks local, national, and international partners that further enhance our learning and research networks. Through the lens of practice and within this applied, collaborative, and community-based framework our objective is to create leaders in imagining and giving form to more vibrant, resilient, healthy, and equitable environments.


The EVDS SA is the student government body representing student interests within the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS). The EVDS SA is a key link between students, EVDS, and the wider University of Calgary community, and addresses student needs through a range of portfolios and faculty committees. As well, the EVDS SA enriches student life through events including the incoming students’ orientation, social events, professional development, and health and wellness activities.



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